All members of DRC have the option of competing in The Club Championships in both Road and Fell disciplines


The competition runs annually from January to December and a selection of local races are selected across a range of distances in which athletes have the chance to compete for points.

All athletes in the club are split into 3 leagues based on recent performances at the start of the year (or joining the club) such that everybody is competing in a field of athletes of a similar ability.

The fastest runner in each league at each race will be allocated 10pts, second 9pts and so on down to the tenth placed runner scoring 1pt.

You can enter all the nominated races if you wish, but only your highest 5 placings will be used to calculate your final score. If two or more runners are tied on points at the end of the year, their aggregate times across the races will be totted up and the fastest wins!  

The winner of each league will be awarded with a trophy. 

Further details will be posted here and advertised at the start of the 2021 Championship Season.


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