Runch & Speed





Meeting Point

48 Shireoaks Rd, Dronfield S18 2EU, UK


A weekly lunchtime get together to kick-start your week.
Mainly focusing on speed work and structured sessions set by Team DRC. These are usually a mix of hill work, 400m efforts, 1km loops and the likes. There is also occasional 5km time trials to track progress.

The session is not coached or led but operates on a basis of being a defined time of week and a set venue to meet up with club colleagues.​

Anyone unable to make Runch has the opportunity to run these sessions at any of the local open track venues or make arrangements on the club social pages to run them with club colleagues.

Specific session details are usually posted on our facebook group but its a fairly relaxed affair - just a chance to do a bit of structured speed work in a group setting.

Lead Contact

James Broomhead

James Broomhead