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This is a fast session is for ALL runners and for ALL abilities. The advantage to this session is that you define your own 'fast' meaning that beginners and improvers can train with our fastest athletes in a supportive and inclusive environment.​

All runners in attendance will start running at the same time/same place.

All runners will end at the same place.

Each runner runs at their own tempo/threshold speed.​

The idea is to run one continuous run at tempo/threshold pace for an hour (however please feel free to adapt to suite i.e. 2 x 25 mins (5-10min).

​Some example sessions are;

3 loops – 9km – Just over 6minutes per km – 55-60mins (1hour + for a 10km)

4 loops – 12km – Roughly 5 minutes per km 55-60mins (50minute 10km)

5 loops – 15km – Sub 4 mins per km – 55-60mins (40minute 10km)

All runners must aim to be back at the start at point for when the hour is over.

Working on a loop means we can all support and work with each other no matter what pace you run at as we all work on the same loop even if at a different stage regarding distance, we’ll all still be at the same time by the clock.

A little bit about tempo pace runs;​

Tempo workouts are runs that are technically longer than threshold runs.​

Threshold runs describe running that is just slower than lactate threshold, whereas tempo describes running where you get into a groove that you can hold for a longer distance, up to several miles.​

A good tempo pace should feel comfortably hard. Running at a pace you know you're working, but you're not racing. At the same time, you'd be happy if you could slow down.​

The perfect pace for an hour what ever your speed.

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Stu Carrack

Stu Carrack