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Week 4 Update

A few bits to report on this week, that you may or may not have seen:

Tom Briddock and Andy Lock have joined Team DRC as Coaches Officer and Officials Officer respectively. Both roles are required by UK Athletics and between them they will be in charge of anything relating to coaching and training, rules and regulations regarding competition and officiating of club events or events the club enters. They’ll also be keeping an eye on any courses that may be open to members for the betterment of the club.

Late last week we received a wonderful video message from Olympian and highly decorated Team GB athlete, Eilish McColgan which is available on all our social media platforms

We have also launched our club website at but you know that because you're here.

There’s lots of information on here about how we envisage the club will work from a membership and training point of view. This may change over time as the club grows but we had to start somewhere!

Just as a general update to where we are regarding our UKA Affiliation and formally launching the club - COVID 19 has slowed down the process of us opening a bank account and there’s been a lot of back and forth with HSBC. The forms for affiliation are filled in and the second the bank account is open, they’ll be winging their way to whichever ivory tower they need to go to. There’s then a 6-8 week period of waiting around whilst the UKA suits sit down around a table being important and then let us know that we can roll… Having gone through the process of gathering all the info and setting everything up we are required to have, we’re pretty confident that affiliation is now a matter of formality and time.

Our vest design is done, and we’re awaiting samples from a number of suppliers. Once we get those and have selected what we consider to be the best option from a quality and price POV, we will share it with you so keep a beady eye on the socials over the next week or so.

Lastly, lots have you have been getting lost in Ramshaw Woods for this weeks running challenge. Well done to all that have had a go - we'll be setting a new one over the weekend to keep you all on your toes.

Happy Running. Over and out.

Luke - on behalf of DRC.


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