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All first claim members of DRC have the option of competing in The Road Race Championships


The competition runs annually from January to December and a selection of local races are chosen across a range of distances in which athletes have the chance to compete with their club mates for points.

How It Works:

The Road Race Championships are divisional with athletes being placed into divisions based on their race capability at the start of the year.


The first placed DRC athlete in each division, at each race, earns 20 pts, the second 19, third 18 and so on down to the 20th place DRC athlete scoring 1pt.


Athletes can enter as many races as they like from the list below however, only the best 5 scores will count in the final league table and athletes must compete in at least one of the selected Half Marathons.


Athletes can enter the Championships at any point during the calendar year but only results AFTER their entry into the competition are counted.

Scores will be based on published race results only. 


At the end of the year, prizes are awarded in each division.


Only first claim members of Dronfield RC are permitted to enter.



Dates provided on a best guess basis. Please check race websites.


League 1.

League 2.

League 3.

League 4.

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