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Wednesday Progressors

When: Wednesdays @ 19:20

Where: Varies (see table below)


progressor (pl. progressors)
A person who makes progress, or facilitates progress in others

progress (countable and uncountable; pl. progresses)
Movement or advancement through a series of events, or points in time; development through time.

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DRC Progressor Night is an ideal training night for runners of all abilities, from new runners up to an elite.

Each week we will offer a variety of sessions including, hill reps/circuits, fartleks, short/long reps that are run on loops around local roads & parks. Easily allowing a mix of members to train together.


All sessions will start with a warmup, ending with a cool down

Below is the training schedule until the end of 2022 so members can plan their sessions and weekly training in advance. All DRC Progressor Night sessions will be run parallel to the hour long ‘Tempo run’ option, and this will not affect that session.

DRC Progressor Nights are very welcoming and offer all member, regardless of experience or ability the opportunity to try out speed work for the first time or to add it as a weekly session.

Not all these sessions will be coached, and it is down to the individuals to work together. Before each session a DRC run leader will talk members through the session and assist where required.

Whatever YOUR pace, whatever YOUR targets if YOU want to progress then DRC Progressors Night will help to make the difference.

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