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Tuesday Groups

When: Tuesdays @ 19:20

Where: See Table Below


What: Four groups running 8 miles, 7 miles, 6 miles and 5 miles - all in roughly one hour. Mainly on road, but sometimes on trail as well in the summer months.

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Tuesday evening is Group Night at DRC!  We offer 4 groups running 8 miles, 7 miles , 6 miles & 5 miles.


In all the groups, the leader(s) will aim to complete the distance as a continuous run of broadly one hour. That may sometimes be a bit faster and sometimes a bit slower, taking into account terrain and the group demographic.


We don't set off with a prescribed "target pace", this is in the gift of the run leaders to manage accordingly. People are welcome to push faster than the leader or run a bit slower in accordance with their own abilities, but must never lose contact with the run leader.   


The only parameters placed on access to the Tuesday sessions are that you are able to run the prescribed distances, on undulating terrain, without stopping. This rule is in place so that the run leaders can use double backs to manage the broad ranges in ability, keep groups together and more importantly, safe.

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