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If you've found your way to this page, the chances are you're thinking of joining up with, or trying out, Dronfield Running Club.


Below are answers to a few of the questions we are frequently asked;

When do you train?

The club has different training sessions on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening every week. 

Tuesdays are group runs and are mainly run on road but do hit local trails in the summer time.


Wednesdays are our weekly speed/structured sessions, run on loops/circuits.


Thursdays are our off road night alternating between local trails and fell running in the Peak District National Park.


More info on the specifics of what we offer on each evening can be found here.

Do I have to commit to training every week?

No. Being a member of a running club is not like being a member of a football or team club - you don't have to make any commitment to attending training sessions or race regularly. You can dip in and out as you please, attend as many (or as few) as you like, much like a gym membership.

Do I have to be fast?

No. We are proud of a membership which is representative of the wider running community, spanning a rich variety of motivations and abilities. Everyone is on an equal footing and catered for by the club.


We have some runners who train very hard to compete at the sharp end of races and we have some runners to whom the pursuit of running is more of a social endeavour. Most of us sit somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

How fast are your group runs?

Our group runs tend to have defined time parameters that we try to hit. Our entry level group runs start at around 5 miles in 60 minutes with a range of groups going faster and further to provide a pathway for improvement and progression.


Remember that quoted times for distances are targets. Some runs might be a bit slower, some a bit quicker depending on the terrain. Downhill sections might run faster than uphill etc. 

All of our leaders are experienced in managing the group's they are taking and we NEVER leave anyone behind. 


All of our members are incredibly supportive of new faces and when we see someone working hard, we all take a lot of pride in helping them along. That's the DRC way.

Can I try it out before I join?

Yes. We are happy for people to attend a few sessions to decide whether the club is for them. There's no need to seek permission, just turn up and say hello, explain to someone that you're new and ask to be pointed in the direction of one of our run leaders who will make sure you're well looked after. It may be wise to drop us an email before you come along to your first sessions as occasionally training can be cancelled or venues changed.

I can't make training sessions, is it still worth joining?

Yes, very much so! Quite a lot of our members don't train with the club regularly but still get a lot out of being a part of our community. A full list of benefits can be found on our 'join us' page here


Perhaps the biggest benefit of joining the club is being part of a community of like-minded people and the camaraderie, shared focus, accountability and opportunities that come with that.

We often enter teams into local and regional competition where entry is fully (or partially) supplemented by the club and we host internal championships and competitions frequently. Whilst these can become competitive, it's always in good spirit with the focus very much on having a go, fun and friendship.

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