Dronfield Running Club host off road training nights on alternate Wednesday and Thursday Evenings.

Time & Venue: 

Varies - see facebook group before the night or email the lead contacts below.

Lead Contacts:

Ben Clithero (Fell)

Julie Bembridge (Trail)


What happens:

Our off road offering is split into trail running and fell running sessions on alternate weeks.

Every other Wednesday, the club puts on a group run using the woodland trails and countryside in and around Dronfield. On the alternative Thursday, a group heads off into the Peak District for some Fell Running.

The meeting points, venues and distances run vary week to week and are advertised in our members only Facebook group in the days preceding the runs. Those who don't use Facebook can email the lead contacts using the links above.

The pace of these sessions is very comfortable and the nights are intended to act as an introduction to trail and fell or a chance to enjoy some easy paced, chatty miles away from the tarmac. 

Off Road Safety

​Off Road running, particularly in The Peak District is a much different beast to road running. The current weather in the middle of a town can be a world away from that on our surrounding moorlands.


Fell running, particularly in winter, should be considered an extreme sport and when putting on our training offer DRC takes that responsibility very seriously. All of our off road leaders are experienced in running on the terrain they are taking you on and are first aid qualified.


We fully endorse the Fell Runners Association kit requirements of:

Waterproof Jacket (with taped seams and hood), waterproof trousers (with taped seams), map, compass, whistle, hat, gloves, emergency blanket, emergency food and liquid, appropriate footwear and a headtorch in dark conditions.

We will require that you carry some, or all, of that kit on our training nights. The kit requirements for any specific run is at our run leaders discretion but we advise you have access to all of it for whenever it may be needed.

Your attendance on our off road sessions is absolutely at the run leaders discretion. Please do not take umbrage if you are asked to sit out because you don't have the required kit. Our run leaders will always make considered decisions for the safety of you, themselves and the wider group and have the backing of the whole club to do so.




Dronfield Running Club is for everybody!


If you feel you aren't quite ready to join our club nights or have any concerns that the level and pace you currently run at precludes you from joining in then please get in touch via the contact page and we will do all we can to help, advise or allay your fears.


More often than not, people assume they're 'too slow for a running club' when that really isn't the case. We are an inclusive club; encouraging and supportive of runners of all levels but we also have a duty to our existing membership to ensure our training nights are run at a suitable level. 


If you aren't quite ready to join our training nights then we will say so, but we can also help and assist you in getting to a point where you can. Honesty is the best policy and we'd rather assist prospective members to reach a level that means they can enjoy training with us rather than them just turning up and having a bad experience.

In addition to our formal club nights, members are encouraged to organise training and shared runs amongst themselves via our social media pages. Even if you aren't able to attend our training sessions, it doesn't mean you cant benefit from Membership.


More often than not, there are groups meeting to do specific speed work or interval training during the week and also long runs at the weekend. One persons tempo pace is another persons recovery pace - so even accounting for the different levels of running ability, there's usually somebody to share some miles with in our community.



Non members can come and try out our club nights before they commit to membership. This is limited to two sessions before we ask that you become a member of the club and pay subscriptions. If you would like to try out our sessions please speak to us in advance via the contact page so we can welcome you and advise on specifics.

By attending any Dronfield Running Club training night it is understood that you have a full understanding and are fully accepting of all documentation provided by the club and that you have:

1. Read the Risk Assessments and agree to abide by the advice contained within. Copy available on the Club Documents page

2. Agree to abide by the club rules.

3. That the club has made steps to mitigate risk of accident and injury but you are accepting that you are entering into an activity that has inherent risks and you are responsible for your own safety.