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DRC & Dronfield Diamonds

Right from day one, in our very first discussions about forming Dronfield Running Club, we've been in constant dialogue with the people at Dronfield Diamonds. They are a well established, successful group and in setting up DRC we didn't want to undermine or cross over with the great work they do for the local community.

Now our club is up and running (literally) we've noticed a bit of a gap develop in our training offer for beginners and improving athletes. Our training nights are run at set paces to benefit the majority of our members and some were worried they wouldn't be able to keep pace. So we've teamed up with Dronfield Diamonds to square the circle.

Any new or improving runners who cross our path, or anyone who needs some reassurance and additional support will be signposted to Dronfield Diamonds as a starting point. We have members who run with The Diamonds groups who can act as a sounding board about what goes on at DRC and their leaders will encourage or reassure anyone who they feel may benefit from training with us to do so having worked with them to ensure they fit in with what we offer.

DRC and Dronfield Diamonds will continue to operate as totally separate entities but we hope that between us, we can create a pathway for athletes and ensure that there is a training offer in Dronfield that is suitable for everyone.

Further details about Dronfield Diamonds can be found here


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