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#DRC21 The Stingray

#DRC21 The Stingray

The simplest route so far, but don't let that fool you.

- Start at the Hyde Park.

- Head down Gosforth Lane (easy)

- Over the roundabout and up to Sainsburys.

- Left at the Baptist Church and up past Gunstones.

- Left on Stubley and up past the Miners Arms and left onto Leabrook.

- All the way down, past Sindlefingen and down to the flyover (Dronfield 10km). All very easy, yes.....

- Then comes in the sting in the now have to run ALL the way up Gosforth Lane and back to the Hyde Park.

Its simple, but with a few little little quirks :-)

See the Strava route below.....(theres is no Strava segment yet. The reason for this, I initially intended the route to start and end at Hollins Spring but then thought. They'd find it alot more fun running up the whole road - you can thank me after)

As per usual,

To join in;

- Follow all social distancing and current COVID guidelines. This is for local residents only, we don't want people traveling the length of the country to run up Gosforth Lane!

- Record your activity on Strava (search for it in the app store on your mobile device) between now and next Sunday 15th November 17:00. - Mark it #DRC21

- Post it to social media and tag us in (Twitter and Instagram).

Please feel free to share this route/challenge with any non DRC runners or non runners or groups. The more the merrier in these COVID times.

viva la DRC 🔴⚫⚪🐝


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