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#DRC22 The Chippy Run

#DRC22 The Chippy Run

This week is a tough little run around Coal Aston. Including running the famous ‘’Beat The Bus’ segment in reverse (up hill!) If you can remember back to DRC6. So, the route is as follows;

- Start outside Village Fisheries

- Along Dronfield Bottom and turn right and along Snape Hill Lane

- Right down Green Lane and then swing a left onto Stonelow Road.

- Along Stonelow and then take left up Oakhill Road, left at the end up Ferndale Rise to Eckington Road.

- Left at the top and along Eckington Road

- Swing a right down Holmley Lane, all the way to the bottom and then back to Village Fisheries to finish.

To beat the bus (44) you must run the 3km section from Dronfield Train Station to Coal Aston Methodist Church in under 12 minutes. There is a separate segment on Strava for this bit.

To join in;

- Follow all social distancing and current COVID guidelines. This is for local residents only, we don't want people traveling the length of the country to run up Snape Hill Lane!

- Record your activity on Strava (search for it in the app store on your mobile device) between now and next Sunday 22nd November 17:00. - Mark it #DRC22

- Post it to social media and tag us in (Twitter and Instagram).

Please feel free to share this route/challenge with any non DRC runners or non runners or groups. The more the merrier in these COVID times.

Good luck and viva La DRC!


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