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Meet The Coaches Officer

SPOILER ALERT: We'd like to pretend we do these Getting To Know You interviews in a pretentious coffee shop, discussing at length the merits of Fartlek running and negative splits, scribbling down notes whilst our subjects sips on a caffe macchiato - but we dont. We sent Tom a Whatsapp and this is what he sent back...

When and why did you start running: 

I started running in 2017. It all started on holiday in Fuerteventura. My son was having 2 hour naps every afternoon and we were stuck in the hotel room. One day I decided to go for a run to pass some time and straight afterwards I decided to train for a charity 10k. That year I ran the Sheffield 10k for Sheffield Children's hospital and I haven't looked back since. My next challenge is the London Marathon, whenever it next goes ahead. 


10km 39:43

HM 1:30:31 (unofficial)

What's your typical training week/mileage: 

Since lockdown/furlough my mileage has increased a lot! I am now running between 50-70km a week. I try to get a longer run in at the weekend between 20-30km. Slower runs make up the majority although I always seem to feel better on faster runs. 

Trail or road?:


Road, road, road! I still consider myself fairly new to running, and this year is the first time I have ventured off road consistently. This was as part of a lockdown racing series I competed in with the other DRC committee members and officers. I do enjoy the different scenery but my body copes much better with nice smooth tarmac. 

Favourite local race: 

Sheffield 10k is great for the crowd and support. However, going against everything I just said, I also really enjoyed the Dronfield Town 10k and Chatsworth 10k, both which included off road sections. 

Favourite local routes and running spots: 

For a long hilly run you cannot beat going out past Barlow and around Unthank / Fox Lane. The long hills are a great test and the views are a perfect distraction. During the week I mainly run around Dronfield / Coal Aston with the occasional Cowley loop in the evening.  

Favourite shoe:

Where do I start... I like running shoes. A lot. I currently have 7, (okay 8) pairs on the go. 

Racing: Nike Vaporfly Next% or Adidas Takumi Sen

Training: Nike Pegasus Turbo or ON Cloudsurfer

What piece of running kit can you not live without:

As mentioned, a pair of shoes for every possible running scenario. But an honourable mention to my Garmim 735XT.

What do you do apart from run: 

My two young kids, Charlie (5) and Freya (6 months) keep me busy away from running. Back when the world was normal, I also enjoyed playing squash and the odd bit of golf. I'm a big football (Sheffield Wednesday) and F1 fan. That's about all the spare time I'm allowed as running takes up most of it! 

Tell us something interesting about you:

This question always haunts me. Nothing makes me feel more boring that being asked to name something interesting about me, and not being able to think of anything! 

My first car was a pink (salmon) Citroen Saxo. I also had to share it with a Greyhound. Not particularly interesting, but certainly embarrassing. Thanks Mum and Dad.

Oh also, both myself and fellow DRC officer Andy Lock, have the degree officially most likely to result in you working in McDonalds (Human Geography) 3 years well spent! Be sure to hit us up should you have any questions on gentrification.


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