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Meet The Fell Running Officer

We donned our waterproof jacket (with taped seams), grabbed a compass and an OS Map and headed due North for 15 miles to the top of a snow covered mountain in The Peak District where we found DRC Fell Running Officer, Ben Clithero heating up soup on a portable camping stove. So we sat down for a quick chat...

When and why did you start running?

In 2016 I had entered the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge with a few people from work and somebody had pointed out that it wasn’t going to be easy. I decided to get fitter and lose some weight as I didn’t want to not be able to make it all the way round. I did make it and In 2019 I entered the race and ran the route.


5k - 20:00ish

10k - 40:00ish

HM - 1:30:00ish

Marathon (with mountains) - 4:45:00ish

50miles - 9:45:00ish

What's your typical training week/mileage?

I try to get about 30 miles in but it all depends on when I can fit it in. Some weeks it might be 10 miles and some weeks it might be 45 miles.

Trail or road?:

Trail for me!

I do believe though that both trail and road help you to become a more complete runner. We have too much incredible scenery on our doorstep not to take advantage of it.

Favourite local race?

There are loads of amazing local fell races - Burbage Skyline is excellent, just at the Back of Fox House. The Grindleford Fell Race is probably my favourite because of the descent down Padley Gorge which, at speed, is both terrifying and exhilarating in equal measure.

Favourite local routes and running spots?

I quite enjoy just pootling about in the woods and fields at the back of Hill Top with the dog. I think we’ve got some great little trails right here in Dronfield.

Favourite shoe?

I’ve recently discovered some Scott Supertrac Ultra shoes which I find to be super comfy for trails. On the road it’s the old Nike Pegasus.

What do you do apart from run?

I’m my son’s Fortnite cheerleader, husband to Jen, I like to drink beer and eat cake!

Tell us something interesting about you?

The wife and I once met Stevie Wonder.

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