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Meet The Gen Sec

In the first of a few posts we're pushing out as a 'getting to know you' with the main players at DRC HQ, we caught up with General Secretary, Stu Carrack.

When and why did you start running:

I started running back in 2012 and like most runners it was just to lose a bit of weight at first. Gradually I got more and more into it and now I can’t get out. My first proper race was the Great North Run that I completed in 2hrs and 25mins. My first ever 10km was done in roughly 1hr and 15 mins too. 


ParkRun (5km) – 16:48

10km 34:24

HM, 1.16.20

What's your typical training week/mileage:

I like to run, a lot. I loosely stick to a schedule though of 80/20 easy to faster runs. This normally involves me running rough 60-80 miles a week but a lot of it is easy enjoyable running. I tend to do a speed session of some sort a couple of times a week to tick the legs over.

Trail or road?:

I’m a big fan of both really. For easy runs it’s a lot easier using trails to help keep the pace nice and easy and we have such awesome trails on our doorstep. My favourite races are also the short summer trail races (Hundall Hobble) etc. short races but with some serious hills and terrain for a real challenge. Although you can’t beat a fast road 10km race too to test the pace in your legs.

Favourite local race:

I love the annual Bolsover 10km around Christmas time. A lovely undulating route and defo PB potential.

Favourite local routes and running spots:

There’s so many local routes that I love, The Dronfield Way, the hills around Hundall and Apperknowle, up and over to Barlow/Far Lane, all the DRC routes, up to the wooden pole at Longshaw etc. However, one of my all-time fave routes was at Sewerby Park Run, its an absolute beaut along the cliff tops and aground Sewerby Hall, amazing and all in 5km. 

Favourite shoe: Nike Vaporfly 4%

What piece of running kit can you not live without: Clothes. I don’t really take much out with me when I run. Just the watch and I.

What do you do apart from run:

Outside of running I’ve got 2 young'uns Rosa (2) and Charlie (4) that keep me on m’toes. I’m a keen Sheffield United fan and have been for many, many years but with races and running, I don’t have much chance for going to games these days (traded my season ticket in for trainers). I love going on holidays with my family, who doesn’t? My fave places to chill with them are Filey, Cornwall and Italy.

Tell us something interesting about you (none running related):

I used to be in quite a few bands when I was younger (Atraiou, Crazy Fire Yellas, Electric Tape Recorder) and played at many different venues such as The Cavern, The Leadmill, Fuzztival, End of the Road Festival and played on the same bill as Millburn, Richard Hawley, The Reverend amongst others.


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