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Meet The Treasurer

We called in with club treasurer James Broomhead this week to ask him if we could spend some money. He checked his spreadsheet, said no, and then went on to tell us all about his running history....

When and why did you start running?

I started running in 2007 after some encouragement from my Dad. I vaguely recall having a bit of stitch on the first lap coming down Gosforth Drive, but managed to finish in 57:49. This then lead to a number of years of training for a specific race with the intention of getting round. I did get a bit quicker over the years. Then in late 2018 I decided to take it a bit more seriously and joined another one of our local running clubs. Since then it has been an important part of my life, both from a fitness and social aspect.


Parkrun (5km) - 19:14

10km - 38:51

Half marathon - 1:28:27

Marathon - 3:47:31

What's your typical training week/mileage?

I sustained a knee injury in early April whilst running a marathon in my back garden, all in the name of charity. Before that I tried to hit between 40 and 45 miles a week. This usually involved a track session, a tempo run, a couple of long steady efforts and a park run. I do miss my Saturday morning run, coffee and cake.

Trail or road?

I know we have a lot of trail around Dronfield and the Peak District is not too far away, but I am afraid I do prefer the road when I am off on my own. That said, when running as a group, it is nice to have a bit of an off-road exploration. So fitness permitting, I will hopefully be off-road a little more when I'm back to full training.

Favourite local race?

Whilst the Dronfield 10k always means a lot, one of my favourites has been the Spire 10, which has sadly come to an end. The enjoyment of pushing it uphill, but saving enough in the legs for the big downhill section was a delight. Plus I finished 10th in the final event. 

Favourite local routes & running spots?

I know it isn't Dronfield, but I do love running in Graves Park. As a resident of Coal Aston, it isn't too far out. Also a trot down to Millhouses Park for something a little flatter. It will be nice to explore some more of the paths around Coal Aston at some point.

Favourite shoe?

The Nike Next%s are a thing of beauty. I also love my Vaporfly 4%s as well. Oh and the Zoom Fly 3's have just arrived, so I'm looking forward to taking them for a spin!! I think I have a problem.

What piece of running kit can you not live without?

My Garmin 735XT is an essential item. I love data and analysing my race and training runs. If it is not on Strava, then it simply didn't happen!! 

What do you do apart from run?

Outside of running I spend a lot of time with my partner and her girls in Brinsworth. Which is why a lot of my runs on Strava are around Tinsley and Canklow! I also like to get out on my road bike for a little spin around the Peak District. I also watch Sheffield Wednesday as I have a season ticket, though it is more for the social side of spending time with my family, given how they've not been that good since the early 90s.

Tell us something interesting about you (none running related)?

I have a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, though I am long since retired. I was presented my blue belt by Royce Gracie, the winner of the very first Ultimate Fighting Champioinships.


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