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Meet The Welfare Sec

For this week's getting to know you, we went to the top of a hill in Barlow for brief chat with DRC Welfare Secretary, Julie Bembrige...

When and why did you start running: 

After a lifetime of being unfit, in and out of weight gain and loss, yo-yo dieting and generally feeling miserable about it all, I decided at the age of 40 to commit to sorting my fitness and weight issues out

once and for all. That's when i took up running and have been for the last 10 years now. After 2 years of initially plodding around, my friend convinced me to do a race, for some structure and focus. Terrified at the prospect of running with serious runners, i signed up to the Dronfield 10k and completed it in 49:19


5k - 21:36 (no official time but recently got this chasing the membership secretary around Rother Valley)

10k - 45.03

HM - 1:34:28

Marathon - 3:30:34

40 miles - 6:45:25

52 miles - 10:27:02

What's your typical training week/mileage: 

Difficult to answer. I've spent the majority of my running life getting it wrong. A constant cycle of over training and long injury spells resulting in no consistent training or achieving what i know i can. I think I've finally learned from my many mistakes though and worked out how to do it the right way. I'm currently running 45-50 mile weeks

Trail or road?:


I'm a great believer in doing both and I do. There are some things that road can give you that trail can't and vice versa. But there's no doubt, if i had to choose one it would be trail.

Favourite local race: 

I love long distance, it's absolutely my favourite especially trail distance running and there really are some fantastic races out there locally. If i had to choose one though, it would probably be the 20 mile 9 Edges race. My most memorable race though has to be The Highland Fling 52 miler. Part of the route follows trails along Loch Lomond, it was spectacular.

Favourite local routes and running spots: 

I love to run with my dog in the local Coal Aston fields and woods. Out to Barlow, over White Edge and back in over Totley Moor is a great loop and i love the long road hills of Barlow and surrounding areas. But you can't beat getting out to Bamford and Edale. Derwent Edge, it's my favourite local place to run.

Favourite shoe:

A battered old pair of Salomon Speedcross. We've run some great trails together.

What do you do apart from run: 

Not a lot really. After work, sorting out and spending time with my family and running, i don't really have time for much else. But all of those things make me very happy.

Tell us something interesting about you:

When i was 23 I went to work in Spain with a couple of friends. Within a few months of being there i met Rich. We were out there for 3 years working and livin' la vida loca. We had a great time.


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