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Our Official Partners

Dronfield Running Club has secured the support of several local business who have provided significant financial support to help get the club off the ground.

Without the help and generosity of our Official Partners, all of whom are managed by active members of the local running community, it is unlikely the club would exist at all – or at least, we would have needed to pass on the costs associated to our members.

We cannot stress enough how appreciative we are as a committee of their support and we really hope that our membership can reciprocate the faith that they have placed in the club with their support and custom.

On top of financial donations, all of our Official Partners have offered some tasty discounts to DRC members which will be redeemable once we have opened membership of the club.

To prevent a bombardment of information and to provide each of them with an equal share of the spotlight we will be releasing details of who they are, what they do, where they do it and what discounts they’re offering over the course of the coming weeks.

We would ask that members take the time to digest the information, share the posts on social media and help us to make a big splash about the backing they have given the club such that their faith and investment in Dronfield Running Club reaches as far and wide as possible.

Other sponsorship opportunities may arise in future (races and events etc) and if this is something you may be interested in supporting, please get in touch via the contact page.


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