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Project 10k - Beginners & Improvers Programme

Dronfield RC are delighted to launch a new offering which is designed to bridge the gap between Couch to 5k or ‘casual running’ and our weekly club runs.

Many people’s first foray into running is often via the brilliant Couch to 5k programme. There’s often then a leap between that and towards club running and this 6 week programme is designed to make that progression easier and achievable and bridge the gap.

What is it?

A 6 week course aimed at casual runners and ‘Couch to 5k’ graduates who wish to progress to be able to join our 6 mile club runs.

The sessions will be weekly, on a Tuesday night, at the same time as our club sessions - meeting at 19:20 at The Civic Centre in Dronfield and lasting approx 1hr.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who already runs a bit and enjoys running but feels daunted or unable to run the distance/pace required to join our 6 mile club nights. Maybe you're a regular parkrunner or lone wolf? Or perhaps you’ve done the odd race or run once or twice a week but have always felt that joining a running club is beyond your capabilities? Then this is for you. You do not have to be a member of DRC to join the course.

How will it work?

It’ll be a weekly group run led by one of our experienced England Athletics qualified leaders. You’ll be working in a group that are at a similar level to you and who all share the same goals - to improve and push each other under the guidance of our club run leaders. The aim is to get you to a point where you can run 6 miles (10K) in/around 60 minutes.

What can I expect?

Because the aim is improvement in running fitness and endurance, you can expect that we will use the weekly sessions to push your current limits and strive to run further and faster each week by safely and incrementally increasing distance and speed.

Whilst the atmosphere will be relaxed and we will have fun and support everyone, this is not a chatty social run! It will be a period of structured training and progressive improvement with a view towards being able to run with our 6 mile in 60 minute group.

As well as the weekly group run, we will advise and encourage you to do workouts throughout the week which will supplement and support the weekly sessions - you can do these solo or arrange to join up with others in the group throughout the week.

We will support, encourage and help you to improve as a runner but this will also require dedication, commitment and hard work on your part in return.

Sounds Great! How do I sign up?

We ask that by signing up, illness/injury or unforeseen circumstance aside, you make a commitment to attend the sessions every Tuesday night for a 6 week period starting Tuesday 1st March.

There is a charge of £20 for the whole course but should you wish to join DRC at the end of the programme, we will deduct the cost of the course from your first year's membership fee.

If you wish to join the programme, please fill in the form linked below and we’ll be in touch! You can also get in touch with us via the contact page if you have any questions about the programme.


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