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Run And Talk

England Athletics, supported by Mind the mental health charity, is encouraging people to #RunAndTalk to improve their mental wellbeing through running and to break down the stigma associated with mental health by getting people talking about it.

DRC was formed at a time when a lot of us as runners (new and existing) were looking for a focus or distraction from the rollercoaster of life in 2020. #Runandtalk week 2021 gives us an opportunity to reflect on what running means to us individually and being part of such a welcoming and inclusive club.

The 2021 campaign aims to support mental health through running for everyone - encouraging people to go for a run and have a chat, something that we all do very well!

We need no encouragement to enthuse the benefits of running to those that we meet, feel free to invite someone who might just benefit to one of the club runs this week and #Runandtalk.


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