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Sheffield Arrhythmia Centre - DRC Partner

Dronfield Running Club are proud to reveal the first of our Official Partners.

Sheffield Arrhythmia Centre have made a significant financial donation to the club and on top of that are offering up discounted consultation to all DRC members.

Physical Address: BMI Thornbury Hospital, 312 Fulwood Rd, Sheffield S10 3BR

What They Do:

The Sheffield Arrhythmia Centre offers Consultant led assessment, diagnosis and treatment to anyone with heart rhythm anomalies.

How that is relevant to runners:

Exercise, such as running and cycling, has many health benefits but underlying (known or unknown) heart disease can cause life threatening complications. Moreover, excessive exercise can be detrimental to the heart rhythm. It is important that if someone experiences symptoms of possible heart disease, such as palpitations, chest discomfort and unexplained breathlessness, seeks medical advice.

It is also important that when people start regular exercise they consult their doctor to ensure it is safe, especially if they are over 40 years old and/or have significant long term illness. The Sheffield Arrhythmia Centre provides comprehensive cardiac assessment for anyone who is about to embark or who takes part in regular exercise and wants to put their mind at rest.

What discount are they offering to DRC members:

Members of the DRC are offered 40% off the first Consultation fee if they consult Dr Andreas Kyriacou at the Sheffield Arrhythmia Centre. (This discount does not apply to any investigations that may be subsequently indicated).


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