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The DRC Badge

Let's talk a bit about our new badge and club identity...

The obvious candidate for the club branding was The Peel Monument. However we took the view to dismiss this pretty early on in the process as it appears on the badge of almost every Dronfield based group going, and we wanted to stand out a bit more.

Aside from Fat Sams there's not much else in the way of iconic and easily recognisable landmarks in our sleepy little town so we opted to go with a bee (in an abstract form), referencing the story behind Dronfield's name - The Drone Field, or Field of Drones. Don't ask us for any more information on that - we aren't the historians here - we have based the whole identity of the club on the dangerous assumption that Wikipedia is correct!

You’ll notice that on the body of the bee there is a slight hint towards the potential club vest design. Blink and you might miss it! Any ideas? Fans of Dronfield Town FC - who put on the fabulous trail 10k every year and represent our town so well - may be familiar with the colours! We cant give too much away at this stage as the club colours and vest are subject to sign off by UK and England Athletics but we don't think that we're creating a clash with anyone locally.

So, that's it for this week's update other than to say that the level of interest in the club has far surpassed our expectations and enquiries continue to come in. Please do keep spreading the word and pointing people in the direction of our holding webpage and our socials


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