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Training Nights & Covid-19

Apologies in advance for the heavy nature of this update but its an important one so please read on...

Effective Tuesday 8th September, we are launching our weekly club nights. In order to be able to do that we have to operate in a 'Covid Secure Environment'. That means there are some specific steps that anyone wishing to attend needs to be aware of.

You will need to sign in BEFORE every session you attend. Your data will be kept for 21 days in order to facilitate track and trace requests that may be placed on the club. You can sign in by going to the following links:

These links have also been placed on the relevant pages of the website for ease of access.


This is to prevent you being booked onto the wrong session and to try and avoid any last minute changes meaning you are booked onto sessions you don't subsequently attend.

We need to know who attended each and every session so even if you have 'signed in' before for any particular session, you need to do so again for any subsequent sessions you attend.

We will be operating under the guidance published by England Athletics which is available here. We would ask that people take the time to read and digest the document entitled "Guidance for athletes and runners: return to activity"

We appreciate that everyone has their own opinions and thoughts on the whole COVID situation but we would ask that everyone is respectful of anything you are asked to do/not do by the club and its run leaders. Its a pain for all of us but also a small price to pay to be able to get some form of normality back in our training regimes.

A few more general points to be aware of:

As the nights are drawing in, please wear high visibility clothing (lights/torches aren't mandatory on road runs but if you have them, please use them)

Details of the Tuesday Club Nights can be found here

Details of the Wednesday Threshold Session can be found here

By attending any Dronfield Running Club training night it is understood that you have a full understanding and are fully accepting of all documentation provided by the club and that you have:

1. Read the Training Night Risk Assessments and agree to abide by the advice contained within. Copy available on the Club Documents page

2. Agree to abide by the club rules.

3. That the club has made steps to mitigate risk of accident and injury but you are accepting that you are entering into an activity that has inherent risks and you are responsible for your own safety.


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